1.With this stylish accessory, you can charge your compatible For Galaxy smartphones, and other Qi-compatible devices, without the need to plug your device in to a wall charger or USB port.
2.For Samsung Wireless Charging Pad utilizes Qi Inductive Charging Technology that eliminates the need to attach a charging cable every time you want to charge your device.
3.You can still use your device while charging, and your device is always accessible so you can answer a call without having to unplug.
4.This is compatible with all Qi-enabled devices including from mobile phone.
5.Retail Package includes: Wireless Charging Stand / User Manual / USB charger fast cable /retail box

6.Appearance,I-shaped arc design,simple wind,60 degrees best viewing angle,strip LED indicator light.

7.Function: double coil fast wireless charger, can be placed vertically or horizontally,

8.Performance: fast charging, compatible with slow charging

9.Protection: overcurrent protection, prevent overcharge, FOD foreign body detection, discharge